Here it is, the one that started it all. My first screenrecap.
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Till Death

First of all, Methos just moved into the barge because the flat he rented is being sold and as he sais "I wouldn't stay in any hotel that Adam Pierson would afford"

It starts with Duncan coming home, all very honey, Im hooome from work and finds Methos meditating on his desk.

Fitz is alot in the flashbacks and they're really fun. Duncan and him wooing Lady Angelina, trying to upstage each other. Which doesnt work, considering she marries Robert.

Angelina and Robert are immortals that have been married for over 300 years. However their marriage has gotten, erm strained. Fighting all the time. A divorce just around the corner.

Duncan thinks of a brilliant scheme to rekindle the love. He manages to talk Methos into having a pretend fight with Robert. Making Gina realise what she would loose if Robert died and fall madly in love with him again.

Quite obviously Methos needs some convincing to take part in the plan. There is some use of puppy eyes and tea and cookies.

D: Come on, dont't you wanna see Gina and Robert live happily ever after?
M: yeah, but I wanna see me living happily ever after even more.

Then after Duncan reluctatly agrees to give Methos the barge if he helps out this gem happens

D: okay, but you'd better make it look good
M: like you say, darling, Im an actor!

Then Methos goes to fulfill his part of the deal

A rather amusing picture really, anyway in there Methos just stabbed Robert fatally, when he'd been told to just give a little poke but..

M: Where's your sense of drama *stab!*

The plan works well, too well actually. Gina has decided to go after the unknown immortal that went after her husband and take his head.

Duncan realises that the plan didnt go quite as intended and that Methos -might- be pissed off about it

Back at the barge, Methos wants the keys and is rather upset about the whole thing
(I can't help but think that Duncan reminds me of Kronk from Emperors New Groove in that pic, see Ive even got evidence:

anyway back to the episode.. )

Dialogue gems:

M: Getting between a married couple, It's a rule I havent broken for 2000 years, I knew this would happen
M: so I loose my head after 5000 years so you can play marriage guidence councellor, I must have been out of my mind!

Move aside, it's My Barge now

Checking out Duncan's cd collection, opera, opera opera, what no Springstein or Queen?

Later Gina goes to the barge, intending to talk to Duncan but finds Methos there.

I can explain!

cut to Duncan and Robert talking about how well the scheme went. Robert sais that Gina went to the barge. Duncan panics big time knowing that Methos is there. Robert and Duncan rush to the barge only to find a bluffing Gina with her sword saying that it's all over so for a short time Duncan thinks that Methos has actually been killed.

But a grinning head pops up

It was a joke, that Duncan didn't find funny. Apparently Methos managed to explain things to Gina.

Methos telling a surprised Duncan that he's gonna give Gina and Robert the barge for a wedding present.

It's my boat, I can do what I want with it

But again Methos was just pulling Duncan's leg, throws the keys to the barge to him causing Duncan to drop a priceless Ming vase.

The End sort of.

This hasnt been a very thorough screencap/recap but I think it captures something of the episode. All the scenes between Duncan and Methos in this episode are absolutely brilliant.

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