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Right, welcome again. Im sorry to have left you all with a "to be continued" sign last time. I absolutely hate those. And now Im all nervous. Last time I saw something picking up after a to be continued sign was Matrix: Revolutions which frankly sort of sucked. So I hope I wont be matrix hexed myself and that this screenrecap will actually deliver.

Better start the show. Last time we witnessed Methos promising Kronos to reunite all the four horsemen again. Now they're in some unspecified forest where Silas has apprently been hanging out in for the past 2000 years

Silas is happy to see them, rumbles "Brothers!" at them. But then again who wouldnt, I mean:

Methos is rather fetching when accessorized with a horse. Just makes you want to give him a big squeeze doesnt it? In fact others seem to think so too.

So now they're all set. They're the three horsemen!

but apparently Kronos has a thing for four so off they go to fetch the last one. Who is to say the least a complete nutter. They find him, predictably in a madhouse. A very modern facility for mentally challenged individuals where they get specialised humane treatment that seems to consist of locking them in damp dark cellars.

They casually kill the good doctor that oversaw the treatment. Methos doesnt seem to like it that much though and tends to look elsewhere while Caspian does his thing.

Then when the others arent looking Methos casually drops some hints, literally.

Anyway back home in the Lair Methos is reading

Oooo he could totally be a host for a storytelling tv show thingie. You know where they're in an english robe and have slippers on and a pipe and then.. ok maybe not a pipe these days. He could have an organic health drink! and then starts a story and the show fades away into the story he's telling.. or maybe not.

Anyway I think he's being annoyed at Caspian and Silas squabbling. Things haven't changed much in 2000 years.

Hmm ok where was I? Oh yeah writing a recap, sorry just lost my concentration there. No idea why.

Kronos then makes them all renew their bond. The Four Horsemen, together again. Methos joins in the ritual handshake last. His heart isn't quite in it although he does all he can to convince Kronos it indeed is.

Aaaand people, we have a powerwalk!

This would so be in the trailer in "The Amazing Adventures of War, Famine, Death and Pestilance - The Series."

Kronos is taking them to his secret-lab where a super uber deadly virus has been designed. Kronos isn't exactly known for his genetic manipulation know-how so I dont really get how the virus was made. There don't seem to be any scientists around just a whole bunch of intelligent looking (by comparison) monkeys so.. draw your own conclusions ladies and gentlemen.

Behold the Vile Virus, barely under control in it's flimsy cage! [insert thunder and ominous music]

Afraid? no? Me neither actually.

Kronos then takes the vial filled with wate..I mean the Vile Virus and shows around to the others. While explaining his plan to release the virus and become the ruler of the world. Basically your averge completely-insane-pshycopath-that-thinks-he-has-flawless-plans-for-world-domination speech.

I confess that to me his plot seems to be lacking abit in the general intelligence part. Ok he'll release a deadly virus that has no antidote into human populations. Doesn't that just mean that he'll get sick and die over and over and over.. and then over again from some horrible disease. Ofcourse Immortals could be completely immune to all diseases. If so the plot makes more sense. I think I should go to the library and re-rent "Immortality for Dummies".

Later in the Lair, doubleagent!Methos, tries some damage control and suggest that perhaps it would be wiser to not release The Vile Virus into a large population, yet atleast. Kronos is rather sceptical but then Methos reminds him.

M: What is the first rule of great drama? Start small and build.

Meanwhile Cassandra is getting some quality comforting from Duncan. Oh yeah and sometime during the show Duncan and Cassandra manage to hunt down where Caspari/Caspian was kept and find the hint dropped by Methos earlier on. Which again leads them to the correct place, although Cassandra is certain that Methos is just trying to trick Duncan.

Methos is thinking. He then tries to get Silas to admit that the killing maiming and destroying lifestyle of The Four Horsemen isn't what he wants anymore. No luck. Apparently Methos is the only one of them with a sliver of sanity left.Then he gets more intense in his speech. Talking about how there's more to life etc. and I get totally distracted because when he's being intense he wrinkles his nose, abit like a rabbit. It's hard to capture in a still picture but I tried. It's really quite facinating.

In another room Duncan's phone rings..

It's Methos, asking to meet him in a Church. Duncan lies to Cassandra and sais the phonecall was just some hotel staff complaining about his creditcard. Knows that she'd think that Methos were just trying to trick him. See! he still has some trust in Methos left. The relationship isn't completely unsalvageble.

In the church they see each other again for the first time since the "we're through!" announcement. Methos is waiting, hoping that Duncan will show up.

Well he does show up and want's to know why Methos summoned him here. Methos starts to tell Duncan that there's more to know about his relationship with Cassandra..

aaaand we head back into the Slightlly Desaturated and this time around Red and Yellow Enhanced world of Yore.


(wasn't that a nifty transition) and hey again wig! How are the children?. Oooo he's got an earring, I hadn't noticed that before. Is that another sign of evilness? Duncan rewore his earring when he got evil.

Anyway Methos apprently quite liked Cassandra and she'd been Stockholm Syndromed into liking him too. Kronos on the otherhand wanted all the brothers to share everything and Methos hadn't been sharing Cassandra. Kronos decides he wants her now. She begs Methos to not let Kronos take her.

But after a staring contest.

Methos lets him take her away. Quite obvious who's on top of the other in the hierarchical order.

Ok I know I keep getting distracted from the mainplot of the show and Ive mentionede it before, but but but just look at those wigs. It looks like they cut off a horse's tail and then glued it to a paper dish and jammed it on their heads. On second thought, maybe that's actually the way they made those wigs. Would explain alot.

Kronos then demonstrates his supreme intellect by forcing Cassandra to service him in a spot where there is a knife handy. Not to mention that she could easily have gone all Beecher on him. And as far as I know immortals don't grow back bitten off appendages.

Cassandra then picks up the knife and stabs Kronos. When he's dead she runs away and escapes before he revives. Methos saw her leave but didn't stop her. Apparently he'd started to care for her and realised that being a slave wasn't her preferred lifestyle.

Then we switch back into the modern world. Duncan and Methos are walking through a beautiful Graveyard. Methos is telling Duncan about The Vile Virus. The Horsemen rigged a bomb with the virus in a fountain. Methos tells Duncan how to disarm the bomb and where to find it.

Duncan absorbs that information and then wants them to head off to save the world. Methos however isn't coming with him. Duncan is quite puzzled. Methos sais he always goes with the winner and that he's sticking with Kronos. He does though throw up an explanation that's easier for Duncan to digest. That if Methos doesn't return to The Lair, Kronos will know something is up and everything will be ruined. He then tells Duncan to hurry.

While this was going on Kronos was busy kidnapping Cassandra.

When Methos returns Kronos tells him he knows that Methos ran off to talk to Duncan. So that Cassandra would be left unguarded, right? So he did what was expected and kidnapped her.

This was obviously not quite Methos' plan, but hey, I wouldn't argue with Kronos about that either. Methos just nods at Kronos and sais yep that was the plan all along. Kronos is cackling with glee.

Kronos, being the evil k'immie he is has upped the stakes and has placed a bomb with the virus in the water reservoir of the city. It's a remotely triggered bomb and he's just one button-push away from blowing it up.

*sighs* ..right back to recap:

To suck the final hope out of Methos, Kronos then sais that he's having Duncan taken care of. He's sent both Silas AND Caspian to cut Duncan's head off.

Duncan is fighting Caspian on a bridge. He's having slight trouble because he knows that if he wins Silas will takes his head while Duncan's incapacitated after receiving the quickening. Duncan however manages to win and throw himself off the bridge so Silas can't reach him. Leading to the first underwater quickening scene in the series I think.

Meanwhile Methos has been talking to Cassandra. Trying to convince her that the only way for them to stay alive is to keep Kronos happy. Poor thing, he's so terrified. Then Duncan shows up.

Kronos tells Methos to go and tell Silas to kill Cassandra. Permanently. Duncan looks on horrified and asks Methos not to go. He has a choise, doesnt have to do what Kronos sais. Methos just gives him a look and leaves.

Kronos and Duncan start a duel. While back with Silas and Cassandra, Methos finally makes his choise. He's going with Duncan and challenges Silas. Silas at first doesnt understand what's going on. Why his friend would suddenly turn on him.

I think that uptil now Methos has just been reacting to what others around him are doing. He has just done enough to keep his options open and doesn't commit to a course of action until now. I doubt he has had a big master plan all along. He was just ..improvising and staying alive. He's good at that.

Methos and Silas are fighting, and so are Duncan and Kronos.

Then Duncan looks to the side and sees that Methos is indeed on his team.

Kronos notices the other fight too and sees that Methos is betraying him. He shares a stare with Methos who looks absolutely terrified. Doing a very good impression of a deer caught in the headlights of an incoming car.

The fights continue. Duncan and Methos win, yay! and the quickenings start.

Duncan starts it off by convulsing a little bit but Methos heats up with some serious moaning. Here is where picture and text only recaps definately fall short.

Silas and Kronos were both very old so there is some serious power being discharged here.

Then the side-effects of having a double quickening sets in. The screwing starts.

A part of Duncan's essence shoots out of him and straight into Methos's eye. Man that gotta sting. The second attempt lands directly in Methos's mouth.

After this strenous physical activity they are both completely exhausted, panting on their knees. Cassandra uses the opportunity and intends to chop Methos's head off while he's unable to defend himself.

Duncan notices this and begs her not too.

D: I want him to live Cassandra!! I want him to live!

Methos is sobbing, this has all been hard on him. He's killed Silas and he liked him. It mightn't have come across in the recaps but Silas despite having done some very gruesome things was rather childlike. Not too bright the poor lad.

Afterwards when both Methos and Duncan have managed to pull themselves together Duncan asks why Methos hadn't killed Kronos earlier himself. Methos explains that Kronos and him have so much in common that if he judged Kronos to be worthy of death he would judge himself the same way. And like always, Methos wanted to live, still wants to live.

Duncan suddenly gets suspicious and gets the idea that maybe Methos had masterminded the whole plot from the start. Manipulating everyone. Including Duncan, to get him to kill Kronos for him.

Methos characteristically neither denies or confirms anything and they head off in seperate directions.

There is still alot of work needed before their friendship is mended. However there's hope that it can be mended.

The End.

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