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Now that the formalities are through.

Righty ho, *stretches* After those two warmups it's time to tackle the BIG ONES. That is Comes a Horseman and Relevations 6:8.

Because there are sooo many nice scenes in these two episodes this is going to be huge. So go to the toilet if you have to. Make some tea, settle down nicely and read on.

Are you ready? Ok here we go.

The episode starts with Methos and Duncan walking out of a TV gameshow thingie where Methos was obviously a competitor. He appears to have done well. After all having lived through most of our history he should know it.. still he didn't win.

M: Well, who the hell is Chubby Checker in the grand scheme of things anyway? I mean, I know how tall Nero was. I know Caesar's favorite food. I know Helen of Troy didn't have that great a face, and it only launched a hundred ships, not a thousand—
D: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
M: Fine.

Duncan isn't too happy with Methos having gone on TV. Figures someone could recognize him. I wonder if this is a hint that something is gonna surface from dear old Methos' past.. naaah.

Then when they're strolling home they get a buzz.. someone is here. Methos' instincts kick in and he wants out of there, or as he puts it himself.

M: Listen, I may not know who Chubby checker is but I know when it's time to disappear

and boy was he correct, when he's gone who shows up but our favourite k'immie

Duncan gets a flashback from when he last ran into Krono.. erm I mean Melvin Koran. That happened in the wildwildwest. Basically they fought but no heads got chopped.

Duncan looks quite hunky there though so he gets a few pics

Anyway after Kronos has disappeared Duncan gets another buzz and this time he's ready. Except it's Cassandra.

After he nearly chops her head of they start talking and she reveals that she's hunting an immortal that she has a grudge with. When explaining the grudge we both get to know that Kronos is Kronos and hear about the four horsemen for the first time.

We head in a flashback to the Desaturated World of Yore. Lo and behold! they are four and they are men and they ride horses, they are the four horsemen!

In the flashbacks Cassandra speaks with an unidentified bronze age accent, which is just totally ridicilous. I mean she's speaking English for chrissake, if we can suspend disbelief for someone being immortal, the whole head chopping/quickening thing and then her having lived in the bronze age we can live with a normal english accent.

Now Im just going to be frank here. The people who designed the bronze age look should have their design licence stripped away. Sure they don't have a big budget to work with but come on. Banged pots for masks? Silly costumes and sillier facepaint.. oops we're not on the facepaint yet. I'll start on that later.

Then there's the horse tack. You just gotta love the horse tack. Just as an example stirrups were invented sometime between 300bc and 500ad. Alexander the Great didn't know about stirrups but somehow magically the four horsement did. And they even used nice iron stirrups and bits for their horses in the bronze age, no wonder they were feared.

[insert asthmatic breathing] Luke, I am.. oops wrong universe.

Anyway Darth Kronos here takes of his mask and reveals his bronze age makup.

That is just, it doesnt make me afraid, it makes me giggle. But then again maybe I shouldn't be too harsh on them. I doubt they had mirrors to look when they were applying the makeup in the bronze age. Probably had to help each other out.

K: hey Methos?
M: what?
K: You think I should add a few more swirlies and squares? or would that be going overboard?
M: Nah, I'd go with dot's this time around. Squares are -so- the pre bronze era. No not like that, come here, let me.
K: You always were the artistic one

Oh and while I got distracted by the costumes and cool iron tack on the horses, The Four Horsemen! killed and pillaged Cassandras village.

Now we pop back into the 'real world'. Methos feels a buzz.. is it MacLeod?

Nope, not unless Duncan has taken up a new custom in greeting people.

It's Methos' worst nightmare come to life. Kronos.

He then dies and comes back to life in Kronos' lair.

Is it just me or does it look like.. nah..

Kronos then goes into a speech about how he thought Methos was dead but should have figured that he'd be still alive.

After all Methos is a survivor. Hmm.. how would he do on the Survivor reality TV show? Ok he'd never end up there in the first place. It's still an interesting thought though.

K: I didn't know you had a heart. Does it hurt?
M: What do you think?
K: Since you ask, I think you're not used to pain, brother. What's happened? You got soft?
M: I just passed through my angry adolescence a little quicker than you, Kronos.

Then Kronos gives Methos an ultimatum.

Either he joins him or gets killed. It doesnt take Methos long to decide.

M: Welcome back, brother.

Then we cut to a scene of Methos rushing into Duncan's place. Saying in a rather understated way that something has come up. I think he's about to take that flight to Aruba and is just going to tell Duncan that he's going to take off for a few weeks, years, decades.

But Cassandra is there and she recognizes Methos as one of the four horsemen. And the relationship between Duncan and Methos will never be the same. This was a pivotal moment.

So now we hop back into the Desaturated World of Yore for some more flashbacks. Is that?

Ta-dah! It's Evil!Methos also known as Death.

Now is when I start talking about the hair. I mean. Yeah I figured that the 80's hairbands got their inspiration from something ancient and evil when it came to fashion but but but.. please. Atleast have a wig that doesnt look like it should slither off and start up a family of demented tribbles. That said he is kinda cute in that pic.

Anyway on with the story. BraveheartPainted!BadWig!TowelWearing!Methos wait. I gotta show more pics. Im facinated with this look. In a trainwreck sort of way.

He's taking Cassandra as his slave and he's EVIL. Much more eviller (is that a word?) than Evil!Duncan ever got. He's actually evil enough that what he does can't be forgiven. However I belive that people can change alot in 2000 years, so basically our Methos isn't the same guy as Death. Also he had that whole being terrified by Kronos thing going on. Makes you wonder what -exactly- went on between them. Im sure Methos and Spike could have a male-bonding chat over a pint down at Joe's talking about sadistic bosses.

Heh! I'd say there are some eerie similarities between Evil!Methos and Evil!Duncan. They both use the Evil!Sneer. Maybe that's a tradmark for Highlander. If you sneer like that you're evil.

And just once more, what's with the hair. It looks like the wig is falling off there. Anyway Methos is apparently second in command. Caspian and Silas seem to respect him somewhat. Oh and they are complete maniacs. Caspian scares me. He eats people.

Caspian and Silas had been fighting over a cloth. Kronos solves that simply by cutting the cloth in two. Saying that the Four Horsemen share everything. Hmm.. I wonder if that will become a plotpoint later on.. *cough*Cassandra*cough*

And then we swoosh back into the present. Cassandra is trying to attack Methos but he runs away while Duncan restrains her. She gets mightily pissed off.

Methos on the other hand goes to confront Kronos, first to try to kill him

Which doesnt exactly work out. Kronos is prepared.

Then Methos gets all angsty and tries to convince Kronos that he's changed, doesnt want to be evil anymore.


Kronos doesnt listen to any of that and makes Methos do a bloodoath with him. Now they're bloodbrothers yet again in the viking way.

Methos swears but, hey I wouldnt particularely trust his word. You're not dealing with Duncan here. Duncan is honourable. An oath would mean something if it were him, but Methos?

And as if to proove my point the next scene is Methos preparing to take off.

He feels a buzz... shit he's coming.

It's Duncan, wanting to hear the truth. Did Methos really do all those horrible things?

Methos tries to explain, but Duncan isn't willing to understand. I don't really blame him. This is a big shock for him.

When Duncan hears Methos admit to having done those things thousands of years ago. It's the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Is that true, Did you do those things Methos? Awww.. look at how brokenhearted he is *sniffles*

Then Methos, frustrated and hurt goes into a big speech about how he did all that for pleasure. Because that's what Duncan want's to hear.

Here is when I reveal just how Evil I am. It's rather unfair to freeze people when they're having big speeches but.. well just see for yourselves.

And then the music swells and the string music kicks in because in all this emotional flux their inner instincts take over and..

Duncan gets physical...

Right, Im a huge Peter Wingfield fan. Usually he does a fantastic job but I think that he's overacting a tiiiiny little bit here.Yes Methos is flipping out but..

Duncan sais that they're through. Finito. Period. It's over.

It's all gone horribly wrong. This is something Methos never ever wanted to happen. He knows there's no going back. There's no putting the past back into the bag.

He probably has lost Duncan, his best friend, forever. Duncan is feeling just as hurt and then disappointed on top of that.

There is a ritual shedding of coats. A great relationship has been broken.

Methos goes and sobs in his car. I so want to hug both of them right now. Poor poor fellows.

Anyway. Cassandra goes to confront Kronos but doesnt succeed. While she's running away from him Methos knocks her unconcious and throws her into a river. Thus saving her life.

Duncan then shows up and challenges Kronos.

Methos on the other hand interferes with the challenge. Makes a big fire come up between Kronos and Duncan.

I think he's still so terrified of Kronos that he sees him as something more than just an immortal (ok that sounds pretty weird) and he doesnt think that anyone can beat him. Not now atleast so he's saving Duncan's life. On the other hand there's nothing that sais that Duncan would have lost the fight. Then again we'd have finished this story in just one episode instead of two. And we'd miss out on some good drama.

Duncan goes away but Kronos and him are definately going to finish this fight later. Back in the Lair Kronos questions Methos' motives in stopping the fight.

Methos just sais he was protecting Kronos.. yeah right. He's a good bluffer though.

Kronos doesn't quite belive him so Methos uses his final card. He knows where the other horsemen are. He'll bring them back. They can ride once more. All four.


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