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This time Im tackling Something Wicked and Deliverance, so you're getting a two for one deal here.

Talking about something wicked... here's a wicked Dunkie.

The episode starts with lots of talking and flashbacks and things that happen and arent interesting because Im waiting for Duncan to turn EVIL (or Methos to show up, that would work too). That picture is from one of the flashbacks and it's very very amusing so Im letting it stand in for the first half of the episode. Oh and here's a shot of Joe, just because I like him.

Then Duncan experiences his moment of true happyness (or ok, he had a dark quickening).

After some panting he makes his way to Joe's pub, behaves rather abnormally

and starts hitting on a blonde woman.

As is quite obvious that's not the gallant Duncan we know that Helps the Hopeless. He's full of confidence and is obviously a rather primal creature with the See.Want.Take mentality firmly imprinted.

And to make it perfectly clear that he's abit different than normally, he hits the woman when she isn't as taken with him as he expected. Then he HITS JOE.

This is when I looked at my computer and said "No, you can't do that, it's WRONG"
and it is, for real. You just don't hit Joe, I mean the man hasn't got legs. Not to mention it being a general rule not to hit your friends.

Then Duncan goes home and a very powerful scene occurs. Richie is there. Duncan is evil.

Duncan attacks a befuddled Richie.

This is not a fair fight. Richie asks why? Why is Duncan attacking him, is it because there can be only one. Duncan chillingly replies

D: That's as good a reason as any.

One of the most disturbing kisses Ive seen on TV. That creeped me out. Seriously, but in the right way though.

This almost went very very VERY badly, but Joe shows up and Joe Saves.

Shooting immortals dead with guns seems a tiny bit out of the working code of the we-never-interfere Watchers. However, Joe rocks and Duncan is dead.

Next thing we see, Duncan is all tied up and now Im getting serious flashbacks because a certain guy with a tendency to get evil is -always- getting tied up. Usually barechested too. I don't think I would have minded that here, but Joe isn't quite that kinky. Not onscreen atleast.

And in case we were in any doubt it's obvious that Duncan is evil..

Seriously evil.

Seriously EVIL.

and he taunts too, which throws me further into flashback land.

Joe shows alot of trust in Evil!Duncan and cuts him loose, saying this isn't really him and he knows that deep down the real Duncan is hidden somewhere inside. Evil!Duncan responds by changing for a short time into Very!Confused!Duncan so Joe is probably somewhat right. However that change doesnt last for very long. Pretty much long enough to safe Joe's life. Which is good because I like Joe.

Evil!Duncan decided to become a pirate. He even gets an earring and all.

He sails as a part of the crew on that boat to France because parts of the Highlander shows have to happen in France (Im all for that, France is a cool country)

Evil!Duncan is very pissed off at the Captain of the boat so he first beats up the man and then goes to the Captains home. He Manages to weasel out an invitation from the wife. I personally would never invite a stranger to eat with me in my home, what then -sleep- with him when Im married. For real. Woman you deserve what happens. Ok, Duncan very purposfully got her drunk and seduced her but that's no excuse. On the other hand if it were Metho.. ok lets not go there.

Anyway the husband comes home and Duncan forces wifey into a position she doesnt like.

The husband gets mad and a gun shows up sometime in the scene and Duncan gets shot again. Meanwhile a car stops outside.

Yes it's the clunky Volvo of Doom buuuut it contains...

A surprised METHOS!!! and I do my little dance of joy because Im a sad little fangirl.

Duncan gets shot some more

but manages to get in the car

M: Get in!
Duncan hesitates, he's almost dead
M: What do you want? a written invitation

It's hard to drive with a dead Dunkie in your lap.

A really cute picture of Methos realising that Duncan is indeed rather evil.

Quite sensibly Methos chose to take Duncan to a church. Not as sensibly Duncan ignores the fact that they are on Holy Ground and threatens to take Methos' head.

(I really like that picture)

Evil!Duncan then throws Methos away and runs out of the church and steals a car from a couple.

Methos is rather shocked. Attempt one at fixing Duncan didnt quite work.

He the runs out and is just in time to stand outside, even more surprised and watch Duncan drive away in his newly stolen car.

Anyway our Really Old Guy then goes and pulls some Watcher strings to get info on where Duncan is. Since he's obviously lost him. This scene is really not important for the story line but he's looking rather fine so here come disproportionately many pictures from it.

Methos finds about that Duncan went to see Sean Burns and now I hurry up. Sean is a nice, really nice immortal who helps immortals in trouble and Evil!Duncan kills him. Even though they were friends and even though I really liked Sean. There are some flashbacks with him scattered around the episode. So just for your enlightenment here is a portrait of Sean Burns. May he rest in peace.

Here's Duncan on his knees after Sean's quickening. Note the Leather Pants of Evil. Fortunately Duncan never smokes in this episode. If he did he'd have been completely lost to the dark side.

Methos is very disappointed in Duncan and for the first time seriously considers killing him.

M: Ive known alot of us in 5000 years MacLeod, of them all you were the best.
D: I still am
M: No you're not, and I think I have to kill you.

Then Duncan goes into a big speech about how if Methos kills him then Methos will become evil himself.

M: Maybe there's more room inside me.

D: You'll kill a friend, a lover -you-'ll go mad

Now is when I take the time to point out that Sean Burns is the only human being Evil!Duncan has killed. Am I implying something? Noo not at all, absolutely not, wouldnt think of it *coughs* Also Duncan is basically saying there that while he himself is strong enough to be able to handle being evil. Methos wouldn't cope, he'd just go mad right away. I chuckle.

Don't make me kill you.

Duncan doesnt loose his head there though, he manages to push Methos over the balcony.

And damn, attempt 2 at fixing Duncan failed also.

Next time our two favourite immortals meet is in Darius' church. Evil!Duncan is getting flashes of Very!Confused!Duncan because the goodness of Sean Burns is helping him I think. It sort of makes sense.

Look, he's even started Brooding.

Then Duncan has another big speech about how evil he is. It includes this dialogue which in view of later relevations about Methos' past made me giggle

D: Do you know what evil is? Dark soulless evil, imagine it, live it!
M: You're deluded

Duncan, honey, Im preeetty sure Methos knows all about darkness. And talking about pretty..

Methos manages to convince Duncan to let him help.

I'd better keep that.

The two friends then drive out to the Holy Glowy Water Place. Duncan gets some second thoughts and HITS METHOS. Now you'll pay for that later, Im quite sure of that.

He's not a coward, he's just wary and car doors are good for hiding against Outofcontrol!Duncans.

Fixing Duncan Attempt 3 seems to be not working too well so it's time for the last resort. Present Duncan with his clan sword and hope that his overgrown sense of obligation and tradition will make it into a magic sword.

Please let it work, pleeeaase

And it worked! yes!! Duncan goes into the Holy Glowy Water Ensoulment Shrine with the pretty special effects.

But before we get the real eyecandy we must have an Evil!Duncan vs. Normal!Duncan fight. That scene didn't bring out Orpheus, not at all, I stayed awake through it all.

And then Normal!Duncan wins (wow did not see that coming) and he gets his soul back, or well gets cleansed or something like that. Whee!! now it's time for the Special Effects.

(good continuity with the bullet holes in his sweater though)

Methos helps him out of the pool and gives him the sword back. Man it must be uncomfortable to move in those wet leather trousers.

And now the episode is almost over, we just have some scenes with our boys together walking home, I wonder how they dried the pants.

getting ready for some quality time,

When they get surprised by Duncan's relative. Some girl that's a descendant of somebody in the MacLeod clan. Methos got the MacLeod sword from her. This sort of calls for a change of plans.

So Methos suddenly remembers how he left Alexa in Athens and that he should get back to her.

I'd better go, and when Duncan tries to start to thank Methos for what he did

M: (in a soft voice) hey, it's no big deal.

The MacLeod girl mentions what a good friend Duncan has there and Duncan answers

D: yeah, one of the best.

And with those words the episode is finished.

This has been a screenrecap brought to you by Sica, I hope you enjoyed.
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