Right, welcome to my webpages. Im Sica, I own Crowblanket (no I dont really know how I came up with that name) and Im a silly little fangirl.

What I have on offer here for now are my screenrecaps. Now you could ask: "what is a screenrecap?" Basically it's a recap of an episode with quite alot of screencaps thrown in to make it more fun.

Im a dedicated highlander fan with a slight Methos slant *coughs* I do love Duncan though but best of all is when they're together!

Anyway as I was saying Im a fan but that doesnt prevent me for finding slight nitpicks in the show so if you expect nothing but 100% gushing, go away now.

Else be welcome

Here's the episodes I have done:
Till Death
Something Wicked/Deliverance
Comes a horseman
Relevations 6:8

Feedback is always appreciated: crowblanket@yahoo.co.uk